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Bob’s diverse musical background began in Chicago, Il. where he grew up on a steady diet of Blues and Rock music. During his early years he played guitar at the local church for folk masses. In 1978 Bob discovered the mandolin and began playing bluegrass music professionally. After moving to Atlanta in 1982, Bob became a member of the Atlanta music scene spending many hours with helping organize the SEBA – The SouthEastern Bluegrass Association. His love affair with the mandolin has taken him through many musical idioms including: blues, bluegrass, country, gospel, classical, rock and jazz.
Bob is currently the leader of the GA Music Awards nominee for Americana/Bluegrass band of the year, 8th of January bluegrass band; also performing as Bob Knysz Mandolin – mandolin soloist; with the Mandolin Consort of Atlanta mandolin quintet; Soulshine Bluegrass Gospel, 16 Strings – Duo Mandolin/Mandocello; president of the Atlanta Mandolin Society and concertmaster of the Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra as well as performing with other top players and groups in Atlanta and North Georgia.
Whether playing mandolin or octave mandolin at weddings, festivals or other special events, Bob is capable of switching from Bluegrass to Classical to Jazz, to Rock, and Swing Tunes. Bob can also play your event solo, or as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet and full bluegrass band.

For Bookings contact Bob at:   f5mando@gmail.com  or call 404-630-7287